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Client Testimonials

“Dawn, it’s rare to meet a person who embodies their work with such passion and achieves a deep sacred connection with so many around them like you do. Energy re-balancing work is not a task for you, it is your life and driven from your soul. Each person who encounters your deep wisdom and care will be very fortunate clients.”

Tim Walter, founder, KnightsRose House Healing Network

 "I would highly recommend Dawn for concerns regarding energy out of balance. Presently, I feel more in balance than I have ever been in my 63 years, so I think her work is most helpful.

Dawn was able to identify numerous areas of concern vis a vis geopathic stress and she was successful in mitigating and healing them. Gradually I have been feeling very "at home" in our space versus previously I felt quite uncomfortable. She also found some technopathic stress even though we have no radiation emitting devices, and so, I plan to speak to the neighbours about lowering their wi-if and turning it off at night. Certainly my worries about our space have disappeared and I thank Dawn for actively work at healing our home environment.

Dawn also had some great suggestions about balancing chakras, particularly with the use of certain colours; wearing a green shawl, and some black tourmaline has helped a lot. I appreciate her steady, professional and caring manner. I feel more capable of managing my own stress, and am now sleeping very well.




"Thank you so very much Dawn I appreciate what you've done for my husband and I.  I've been spending more time in the master bedroom in the last week or two it's getting better".

AB, Greater Victoria

"I reached out to Dawn for a house healing as I had been feeling a sort of uneasiness for quite some time. On a physical level - I suffered from chronic headaches, anxiety, poor sleep,,disruptive dreams, body pain, lethargy and a nagging feeling that something just wasn't "quite right". My property has always felt oppressive and sad to me , and despite my best attempts to tend to it in a respectful and loving manner, it never felt like a place where I could truly relax and feel at home. I avoided rooms and places on the property as the energy was so gloomy and heavy that I would become completely drained and exhausted after spending any amount of time near them and the uneasy energy continued to intensify despite my best efforts to cleanse the areas. I worked with aromatics, sound vibrations, reiki and many other modalities which worked in the short term but nothing seemed to help for very long. I was worn down and frustrated and knew I needed to enlist the help of a professional house healer.Dawn is highly regarded within our community and is a mentor and teacher to many. I have been a student of Dawn's for many years and I knew that she was hands down the best person for the job. She is a natural born healer who is highly skilled, intuitive, compassionate, and sympathetic. We arranged a meeting to discuss my experiences and concerns and she quickly picked up on the energy of the land - it felt very empowering to have a candid conversation with someone who understood what I was going through and she offered insight and advice while collecting the information she needed to conduct the house assessment and healing.Dawn worked with me throughout the process and provided me with a thorough evaluation and explanation of her findings. Every detail she delivered resonated with me on a deep level and helped me to fully understand all the things I had been feeling for SO long. It was profound how quickly the energy shifted.The house and land rapidly came out from under the cloud of oppression and began to feel light, clean and happy again. I started sleeping through the night and woke up refreshed and cheerful, my body became more limber and my energy returned.I cannot fully express my gratitude for Dawn's healing, what she did for me and the land is truly incredible and I will forever be truly grateful. I feel like I have my mojo back and am ready to take on the world. My house finally feels like a home."

CM-Victoria, Canada

"After living in our old Edwardian home for one year, it was clear that one room - our daughter's bedroom - was very different. It was always extremely cold the moment you crossed the threshold into the room and our daughter, 10, did not like to spend much time in her own room. She wasn't scared, but I could tell she didn't find it welcoming. I tried everything from rearranging the room to lighting candles and clearing. Nothing seemed to shift it. Then Dawn came over... ! We are so thankfully for your gifts, Dawn. Her room feels noticeably different now, and now she is in there all the time playing the ukulele, reading, and hanging out happily. The air is very different. Something noticeable has shifted and it is a welcoming and warm space. Thank you."

TM-Victoria, Canada

"I was skeptical of dowsing and the whole house healing thing to be honest but I felt like I had nowhere to turn. I reached out to Dawn and she was professional and reassuring. After a consultation and explanation she got to work identifying the aspects of my home that were not in alignment with my wellness. She nailed the spots that I gave me the most bad vibes and a few that I hadn't really consciously thought were affecting me, but on reflection were. It was mind blowing and very validating. After Dawn worked on harmonizing the energy in my home - it feels totally different. I at last feel comfortable and peaceful. 

I am so thank I took this leap of faith. Thank you!

AL-Shrewsbury, UK

"The report and debrief Dawn provided after she dowsed my home, made total sense. After the healing, my home feels lighter and I can sleep a whole night though"

DB-Liverpool, UK

"Dawn did a healthy home assessment for me. I had a lot of symptoms such as headaches, stomach pain, anxiety , jitters and just overall not feeling well. Dawn was able to pinpoint areas in the house that needed some healing. After the healing took place the house felt clear and lighter as if she turned down the volume on everything. Dawn is incredibly caring, kind , insightful and eager to help! I would recommend Dawn to anyone who is having problems, as she has a solution for just about anything".

AK-Victoria, BC

"The home assessment experience was helpful and fascinating. You provided valuable insights and recommendations, and I feel more equipped to form a deep and meaningful relationship with the land I have just moved to. Thank you sincerely for the care you put into this process, and for sharing your remarkable gifts to help others". 

LK-Saltspring Island, BC

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