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Healthy Home Assessments

Healthy Home Assessment Part One: Geopathic Stress

This is part one of a two part series of videos on the process of Healthy Home Assessment. In this part I explore Geopathic Stress and the impact it can have on our health and wellness.

Healthy Home Assessment Part Two: Technopathic Stress and what to do about it

Learn about technopathic stress and its impact on health. Hear about the other subtle energies that affect a location and learn how to reduce exposure to technopathic and geopathic stress.

Videos about Earth Energy 

Ley Lines and Earth Energy

In this video I talk about Ley Lines – what they are and what they are not. I will demonstrate some basic rod dowsing techniques before taking you to the stunningly beautiful Hatley Castle in Victoria BC to dowse for these energy lines.

Spirit of Place

I explain what Spirit of Place is, share my experiences and show you how to connect with spirit guardians in the landscape.


2021 Dowsing Mentoring Students

Check out what we got up to when we gathered in the summer of 2021 for practice.

How to Dowse with Rods

In this video I share what I believe dowsing to be and will give you some basic instruction on the use of dowsing rods as well as some of the key components needed for dowsing. At the end of the video I will give you some simple ways to practice with dowsing rods.


Learn how to work with, purchase and connect with a pendulum


Meet your Spirit Guides

 Join me as I talk all about Spirit Guides. I share my experiences with guides as well as what gets in the way of us connecting. I introduce my guides to you and the circumstances of how they came to me. My guides have been with me for over 2 decades!

I will also be leading you through a short meditation designed to help you connect. You will need 10-15 minutes of quiet time and a pen and piece of paper.

I See Dead People

I hope sharing my journey into mediumship helps you with yours. 

Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection

If you are someone who feels depleted and at the mercy of the energy that surrounds you, this is a video you will find useful. I will be highlighting some of the challenges we face in our day to day lives when it comes to subtle energy management, exploring why these happen, the impact it has on us and most importantly, share with you my favourite techniques to combat these.

Crystals and Psychic Protection

I share my top 10 crystals for psychic protection and why I use them. As an empath and master crystal healer I am asked countless times what crystals I would recommend for psychic protection. So here they are - my top 10! Not only do I use them myself - I have used them with, and recommended them to clients.

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