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Healthy Home/Workplace Assessment

The energy in your space can directly affect the way you sleep, feel, work and function daily.  This is good news if the energy supports wellbeing, but, if it is impacting those that live or work in the space - not so great.

Healthy Home or Workplace Assessments provide a thorough diagnosis of the energetic aspects of the home or workplace that are not in support of wellbeing. Detrimental energies affecting you or the people who live and work there are identified and harmonized as part of the process.

Full assessments include geopathic stress, technopathic stress and geopsychic stress. All can have an impact on the space. It also includes a personal health assessment and the beneficial energies present that can be used for healing, meditation etc.

Here are some examples of who would benefit from the process; 

Anyone experiencing issues in their home

Entrepreneur's  who are not achieving the business results they want

Spa and clinic operators and energy healing practitioners who want to ensure their healing space is harmonized 

Anyone purchasing a new home to check the geopathic stress areas that might be present 

Architects and home builders who want to make sure they are building on areas with no geopathic stress present 

Hospitals and wellness centres; mental health facilities

Realtors or anyone with a home that won't sell

Healthy Home or Workplace Assessment

A full healthy home or workplace assessment covers all three areas; geopathic, technopathic and geopsychic, as well as personal health and beneficial energies. Over 50 individual items are dowsed.  Alternatively, you can purchase just the geopathic/technopathic assessment or the personal health package. Packages and prices are below.

Whatever package you purchase, the following process occurs:

For the most part I work remotely, although on occasion I do work at the location and will consider requests for an in person response. However, additional costs are charged due to travel time and cost of travel. 


 The first step is the completion of a short questionnaire to collect some basic information before a phone/zoom consultation.


The client then supplies a plan of the location. It is not expected that the plan is to scale . A hand drawn basic outline works just as well.  All I need is a basic floor plan and functionality of each room, for each level. This includes the garden/land outside of the home

I use this plan to diagnose through dowsing, what is impacting the space. 


I work on all aspects that require harmonizing to bring the energy of the space back into balance.

Report and Debrief

You receive a full and detailed PDF report. A debrief takes place by phone or zoom to discuss the findings, the harmonization that took place and any actions recommended for you to take.

Follow up

A follow up will be undertaken a few weeks after the house healing has taken place.

Healthy Home and Workplace Assessment Packages

These are the packages that are most commonly asked for - however, a package can be tailored to achieve your desired outcome

Full  Asses​sment

In this assessment you get the full diagnosis of Geopathic, Technopathic and Geopsychic Stress, Personal Health and Associated Healing in the location.

Over 50 individual aspects are assessed. Detrimental energy is identified and harmonized.

A full report is provided and a debrief session.

Please note: If you wish an onsite visit, this can be arranged. However, travel time and travel costs will be applied. Please contact Dawn to discuss.

Geopathic/Technopathic Stress Assessment

In this package you get a full assessment of the Geopathic and Technopathic Stress zones present in the location and have these harmonized.

A full report is provided and a debrief session.

Please note: If you wish an onsite visit, this can be arranged. However, travel time and travel costs will be applied. Please contact Dawn to discuss.

Personal Health Assessment

This package provides an assessment of your personal wellness.  Issues are identified and harmonized should they be detrimental.

A full report is provided and a debrief session.

Healthy Home Assessment and Geopathic Stress Part 1

In this video I do a deep dive into geopathic stress and how it can impact us. This is part one of a two part video series. in the next video I talk about technopathic stress e.g. wifi, cell phones, electrical appliances etc and give you tips on how to reduce exposure.

Healthy Home Assessment and Technopathic Stress Part 2

In the second part of this video I will be diving into technopathic stress and the affect of cell phones, wifi and EMF. I also provide a quick overview of what we cover in geopsychic stress before giving you no or low cost ways to reduce the impact of geopathic and technopathic stress.

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