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Dowsing FAQs

These are my answers to the most common questions I get about dowsing!

How does dowsing work?

Dowsing works in partnership with our subconscious mind, allowing us to access information not readily accessible to us and bring it tangibly to our 5-senses through the movement of the dowsing device. Whether this is a pendulum, dowsing rods or our body - we can communicate with the Universe or our Higher self and get visible answers to our questions.

Its not a supernatural ability - it is totally natural and an effective way to tap into our intuition.

What is the history of dowsing?

The history of dowsing dates back thousands of years and has been practiced by many different cultures. According to Lloyd Youngblood from the American Dowsing Association there is evidence of dowsing in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa on cave paintings in a system of caverns known as the Tassli Caves. These pre-historic paintings included a person holding a forked branch in his hand searching for water. The murals were carbon dated and were ground to be at least 8000 years old.

Other evidence includes etchings on 4000-year-old temple walls of pharaohs holding what look like dowsing tools, the Cairo museum holding ceramic pendulums which have been taken from tombs thousands of years old, pictures of the Chinese Emperor Yu 2500 years old and in his hands he was holding a devise that very much looks like a dowsing rod. There are even passages in the bible that talk about using “the rod” to locate and bring forth water.

What can you use dowsing for?

The answer to this question is only limited by your imagination. However, here are some of the most commonly found uses for the practice of dowsing:

Finding water or precious metals


Finding anything buried underground e.g. pipes, cables, graves, ruins etc

Accessing information e.g. health information, decision making, supplement choices

Uncovering earth energy lines and other geomantic features in the landscape

Finding lost items, people or pets

The list really is endless!

Can anyone dowse?

I do believe that anyone can dowse as it is a totally natural thing to do. Some people take to it more easily than others and some have preferred tools. 

I call dowsing a practice because that is an important part of being able to dowse. You do need to practice as there are some things that are helpful to have in place for your dowsing to be accurate:

A clear mind

A good question

Letting go of the outcomes

Physically well e.g. not hydrated, disgruntled, sick 

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