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Coaching and Mentoring

Dawn offers individual tuition, coaching and mentoring to students across the globe. Sessions are undertaken via zoom.

Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the student. The could include spiritual coaching, psychic and mediumship development, earth based practice  or dowsing.

Sessions will include activities and you will be given exercises to work on in between sessions.

Each session is 1-hour in duration and costs $120 CDN. Bundles can be purchased which provides money saving opportunities.

Once purchased, Dawn will contact you to discuss scheduling your first session. She will work around time zones to find something suitable for you. 

Sessions and Bundles

Choose the package that is best for you below

1-Hour Session. $120

You get to choose the focus. Whether it is spiritual coaching, psychic development, mediumship, dowsing or earth based practice. 

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3 x 1-hour sessions. $300

If you choose this bundle you save $60

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6 x 1-hour sessions. $600

By choosing this bundle you save $120. Which is 1-session totally free!

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