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Hi, I'm Dawn - I am delighted you found me. I always say that the Universe finds ways of bringing people together so it's probably no accident you are here.

My journey into metaphysics and subtle energy started almost 30 years ago when I was awakened by Spirit. It was like the blinkers had been removed from my eyes and I discovered a whole new world of possibility and potential.

My path has been unfolding ever since and I get to do the coolest work ever! 

Subtle energy alchemy is a practice focused on harmonizing energy to bring about balance, wellness and achievement. It encompasses geomancy, energy healing, spirit communication, working with elemental energies and more.

I have have been taught by and continue to work with some of the best teachers and mentors in the world and I continue to learn, develop and grow my practice.

I am a dowser, geomancer and Reiki Master Teacher. I also work with the energy of crystals and as a master crystal therapist, I get to help others step into the world of crystal therapy. I hold certifications in Indian Head Massage, Sound Healing, Master in Reiki Drumming, Aromatherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique and have been supporting client wellness for over 2 decades.

About my dowsing and house healing work

My first exposure to dowsing was in the UK where I lived. I was working with a small group of mediums undertaking spiritual house clearing. One of the group was a dowser and used her skills to understand the location energetically, spiritually and supernaturally. She was my first dowsing teacher and I fell in love with the process. I also trained as a Spirit Rescue Medium, learning how to assist a grounded spirit make their transition fully.

Since then I have worked with a number of dowsers, learning different aspects of dowsing. Although the basic techniques are the same, the context of what you are dowsing changes everything. From dowsing for wellness, subtle earth energies, ghosts and spirits, I get to dowse a wide variety of things.

My 'aha' moment was in my 1 on 1 healing work with clients. I found that wellness and what impacts health is far more complex than just body systems, predisposition and DNA. We know that mainstream science and medical professionals have embraced the mind-body connection and can see the powerful healing that occurs when a person’s mind-set is oriented towards health and healing and not dis-ease.

I would provide amazing energy treatments week after week with clients, only to see the same issues showing up with some clients. Some thrived and achieved balance and wellness and others did not. I did consider that some individuals are able to take control of their own wellness and make changes that had an impact on their overall health, but my intuition was telling me there was more going on. 

It was then that I learned about geopathic stress and how it can impact health and the lightbulb came on. Perhaps a clients continued ill health wasn't to do with my ability to provide wonderful treatments or their ability to make lifestyle changes - maybe it had to do with the presence of unseen detrimental energies in their home or workplace. Maybe that was the difference that was making a difference to outcomes.

So I embarked upon additional house healing training and started to apply this to my work with clients. Working on their home and them seemed to be making the difference I was looking for - the rest is history in the making so they say!

Originally from the UK, I now live on Vancouver Island in British Colombia, Canada but have clients from around the world. 

I provide healthy home and workplace assessments and energy harmonization services to my clients, one to one in person and remote healing sessions, as well spiritual coaching and mentoring. I also teach a wide range of programs and workshops.

My goal always is to bring about harmony, healing and wellness and empower others to achieve their goals.

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