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House, Family, Car and Healing Hands

Helping Homes Heal

Everyone wants to live in a space where they feel peaceful, joyous and abundant BUT not everyone realizes it's possible to have OR that the energy of their space can be affecting them without knowing.

Quantum physics and mechanics research is evidencing we are connected to our built environments in unseen ways. The energy that exists in, under and around our home or workplace can affect how we feel, take action and live our life. Through the practice of House Healing, we work to create home and work surroundings that are in alignment with our life goals and intentions, thus creating spaces that naturally support and nurture the individuals who occupy them.

As a geomancer and energy healer, I work with the land, living spaces, workplaces and people to bring about healing, wellness, goal achievement and abundance. 

From our thoughts and emotions, to electric and magnetic fields that surround us - these unseen forces can have a significant impact on us.

My services include healthy home and workplace assessment and harmonization, energy healing, teaching, coaching and mentoring.

I bring over 25 years of experience to my work and am a passionate advocate for wellness, health and living life abundantly.

Here what a recent client had to say about my work:

 "I would highly recommend Dawn for concerns regarding energy out of balance. Presently, I feel more in balance than I have ever been in my 63 years, so I think her work is most helpful.

Dawn was able to identify numerous areas of concern vis a vis geopathic stress and she was successful in mitigating and healing them. Gradually I have been feeling very "at home" in our space versus previously  I felt quite uncomfortable. 

 She also found some technopathic stress even though we have no radiation emitting devices, and so, I plan to speak to the neighbours about lowering their wi-if and turning it off at night. Certainly my worries about our space have disappeared and I thank Dawn for actively work at healing our home environment.

Dawn also had some great suggestions about balancing chakras, particularly with the use of certain colours; wearing a green shawl, and some black tourmaline has helped a lot. I appreciate her steady, professional and caring manner. I feel more capable of managing my own stress, and am now sleeping very well".

D.S. Duncan, Vancouver Island

Does the Energy of your Space Support or Thwart You?

We live in 'soup' of subtle energy which is unseen but can be felt. This energy affects our emotions, energy, health, wellness, motivation and abundance. When the energy is supportive or harmonious - amazing. However, when it is not supporting us or disharmonious, it can have a profound impact.

So I work with the unseen subtle energies of your home or business, harmonizing detrimental energies and provide guidance on the actions you can take to ensure the subtle 

energy of your space is balanced.

 If you improve the energy of your home, you will improve your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

If you improve these things, it will have an immediate impact on your happiness. You will start to take inspired action towards achieving your goals.

If you achieve your goals, you will improve your life and live it in an abundant way.

What are these unseen energies that affect us?

The subtle energies that can be present in our living and work spaces are many and varied. I have 'bucketed' them into four categories as you can see below in the graphic.

Healthy Home Assessment

A full healthy home assessment looks at four aspects of detrimental energy. Geopathic Stress, Technopathic Stress, Geopsychic Stress and Personal Health. Over 50 individual items are assessed and a comprehensive diagnosis of the location and its occupants is provided. In addition, you receive the beneficial energies that will be helpful for your health, wellness and abundance. Following assessment, a healing and harmonization takes places to rebalance the energy and bring about peace and harmony to the space.

Clients are provided information about the areas that are harmonious and how to leverage these, as well as practical actions they can take to ensure the energy of their space continues to support them.

Everyone deserves to live in a safe space that supports their health and wellbeing.

I'm interested - what do I do next?

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What is House Healing

Check out my You Tube video all about House Healing and Harmonization

Adventures of a House Healer

I was blown away by the conversation I had with the vibrational essence of the landscape and guardian spirits of the home - they share their concern about a house healing harmonization client.

Signs you Might be Experiencing Geopathic Stress Exposure

Firstly, it is important for me to say that there are many reasons why you might be experiencing some of the issues listed below. I am many things but a physician is not one of them so I do not diagnose nor prescribe medications, nor do I make any medical claims. If you are concerned about your health or experiencing any symptoms - go and check them out with your doctor! This is extremely important and one of the steps towards YOU taking control of your wellness journey.

That said, there are common issues that people with Geopathic Stress present in their location report having:

Not feeling refreshed or worse than previously upon waking

Restlessness, difficulty in getting to sleep, excessive dreaming, very heavy sleep and excessive sleep requirements

Cold or restless feet and legs in bed

Fatigue and lethargy, unexplained mood changes

Waking up at an odd angle in bed, perhaps on the edge of the bed. 

Children repeatedly gravitating to a particular part of the bed

A feeling that there is something wrong with the home or part of the home that doesn’t feel right

Not looking forward to going home or feeling better away from home

Experiencing a health issue or illness that doesn’t respond to treatment, or becoming unwell after moving to your new home

Little or no motivation to achieve goals

Issues with abundance

How many can you tick off? If you are interested in chatting about the possibility of a Health Home Assessment, get in touch here

What is Geopathic Stress?

The earth's natural frequency is called the Schumann Resonance. It is the low frequency (7.83 Hz) that produces waves that bounce between the earth and the upper edges of the atmosphere. All life has evolved within this energy field and changes to it can have implications for health and wellness.

Amplified electro magnetic radiation exists naturally within the earth. However, this radiation disrupts this frequency. Over time, prolonged exposure can upset brainwave function, damage cells and impact hormone release which can lead to illness and disease.

This electro magnetic radiation is called Geopathic Stress (also known as GS) and is caused by underground streams, pipes, mineral deposits and earth energy lines etc. Furthermore, this electro magnetic radiation is amplified by the human created electric and magnetic fields.

 In addition, electrical appliances, equipment, WIFI, Cell Phones etc., (Technopathic Stress)  produce significant electro magnetic fields that further contribute to the intensity of the geopathic stress field present in the landscape, home and workplaces. Below you will find additional information on technopathic stress.

There is so much to be said about Geopathic and Technopathic Stress. ​Far too much for this website but one thing I do want to say. Despite science being resistant to the possibility of Geopath​ic Stress impacting health, there is a growing body of research and evidence that supports this. I have listed a whole slew of publications on the site that I think you might be interested in ​re​viewing.

As a geomancer and dowser, my work includes undertaking 'Healthy Home Assessments' to identify the presence of Geopathic Stress, Technopathic Stress and other subtle energy impacting the location, before working to harmonize and bring the energy back into a balanced state.

The goal of my work is to optimize the health and wellness of the land, our homes and workplaces and the people who frequent or reside within them.​

What is Technopathic Stress?

Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) is emitted from electrical equipment, microwaves ovens and other domestic appliances, TV and computer screens, wiring, WIFI, radio and tv signals etc. They pervade our environment unseen.

Whether this type of radiation is harmful or not is hotly debated. There are scientific studies, particularly from Europe, that now suggest prolonged exposure to EMF can affect the immune system and cause serious health problems. More and more people are finding themselves suffering from electro-hypersensitivity. Many countries and organizations in Europe and elsewhere have recommended or already adopted lower levels of exposure than the UK; France has even legislated for the removal of WIFI from public buildings and infant schools and has banned its use in other schools except when absolutely necessary.

The roll-out of the new 5G networks requiring higher frequencies means an exponential proliferation of transmitters in our streets and homes to maximize network coverage (as the higher frequencies cannot travel as far), resulting in increased exposure for everyone”

What is Geopsychic Stress?

There can be unbalanced energies within a property from present or previous occupants, or from the land the house is built upon, which can make people feel ill at ease, and can create arguments.

Geopsychic stress is stress within a property or land is caused by psychic phenomena. Examples of the culprits are earthbound souls, energy imprints, thought forms, power objects, elementals, guardians of the environment, portals etc.

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